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Bringing Investment Opportunities to Self Directed IRA
and 401k Account Holders.

This website is dedicated to the informed Self Directed IRA or 401k
account holders who are looking for those high rate returns that can
grow your hard earned retirement funds.

Are you a real estate developer or need venture capital to make your
projects financially sound?  This site is your forum to present your
projects and ideas to non traditional financing prospects looking to
grow their self directed IRA portfolios..
Your Self Directed IRA Custodian can not offer you
Investment Opportunities  -  This website provides the
service of bringing Investors & investments together.
I started this website after my frustration of trying to find real estate &
other investments for my Self Directed IRA, as well as present
investment opportunities in our real estate development projects.  The
various Custodians I questioned informed me that it is a conflict of
interest to do so.
Services this Site Provides:
The investment offerings on this site are provided as a courtesy to investors looking for investment opportunities.  The projected returns are the estimated
returns and should be analyzed between the investor and investment provider prior to committing to any investment.  As with any investment, they are not
without risk.  As an intermediary, we only bring investors to investments and investments to investors.  Investors will not hold this website or intermediary
responsible for the information contained herein, it is to be evaluated in detail to determine if the risk associated with each investment is within the ability
of the investor's risk of loss or returns of less than presented by the offerers.
Investments for clients of Equity Trust, Pensco, Entrust,
Sterling, Security Trust, and Guidant Financial Self Directed
IRA & 401k.