In March of 2007, I researched and opened a Self Directed IRA Account.

It quickly became apparent that I did not have access to nontraditional
types of investments such as Real Estate, Loans, LLCs, or other.

I also have several Real Estate Development companies with
experienced partners and could not find a venue to offer our investor
opportunities to Self Directed IRA & 401k account holders on our Real
Estate projects for private financing.

I contacted numerous Self Directed IRA companies and received the
same answer that it would be a conflict of interest for them to offer
suggested investment types or investment sources.

This became the impetus of what I am hoping will bring investment
opportunities and investors together.

I have now done several self directed transactions through my
custodian and still amazed at the profits and return opportunities that
exist for Self Directed IRA account holders.
Tired of traditional mutual funds, stocks, and
bonds for your retirement accounts?  
You can own real estate or even LLCs with your
Self Directed IRA & 401k..
Make your investment wishes known on this site.
Place your investor opportunities on this site for
greater visibility.
Our Mission
To provide a forum to bring
together Self Directed IRA
investors and investment
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Self Directed IRA & 401k
Intermediary Services
Kent Schvaneveldt retired from the Army in 2005
and is a principal in several real estate
development companies and a licensed Real
Estate Professional in the state of Arizona.  He has
used self directed IRA funds for real estate
ownership and construction loans.  He can guide
you through the complexities of investing with IRA
and 401k monies and introduce you to the best
custodians in the business.
The investment offerings on this site are provided as a courtesy to investors looking for investment opportunities.  The projected returns are the estimated
returns and should be analyzed between the investor and investment provider prior to committing to any investment.  As with any investment, they are not
without risk.  As an intermediary, we only bring investors to investments and investments to investors.  Investors will not hold this website or intermediary
responsible for the information contained herein, it is to be evaluated in detail to determine if the risk associated with each investment is within the ability
of the investor's risk of loss or returns of less than presented by the offerers.
Investments for clients of Equity Trust, Pensco, Entrust,
Sterling, Security Trust, and Guidant Financial Self Directed
IRA & 401k.